Seller's Checklist

Sellers Checklist



Selling your home involves a lot more than just staging it and waiting for the right buyer to come along. The most important part in the selling process is negotiating the deal. As a real estate professional, I am able to advise my clients and help them through this process in a way that represents their best interest. The current market situation will play a big role in the number of buyers that are interested in your property, the price they are willing to pay, and the terms and conditions that come along with their offer.

So what should you know about accepting an offer on your home? It all depends how long your home has been on the market. If you receive an offer immediately after listing the property, it shows that your listing is well positioned in the market. Multiple offers will indicate that your property will most likely sell for higher than asking price.

Even if you receive an offer for your full asking price, it's very important to review the terms and conditions that the buyer has requested. Conditions can include allowing the buyer to obtain financing, a home inspection, or even the sale of their existing home prior to the deal becoming firm. The more conditions that an offer has, the more opportunities there are for the buyer to back out of the deal. In many cases, you are better off accepting an offer for slightly less money, if there are fewer conditions.

Having an experienced real estate professional on your side will protect you in this transaction. My job is to ensure that you understand the process and can make educated decisions that are aligned with your personal real estate goals. I look forward to helping you sell your home.


Review the items below to ensure your home looks the best it possibly can in the buyer's eyes.



Does your yard look well maintained?

Are the trees and bushes trimmed?

Is your lawn mowed and edged?

Is your lawn free of weeds?

Are the decks and patios clean?

Does your house need painting?

Are there any exterior holes or cracks?

Are your walks and porches clean and in good repair?

Does your roof leak or sag?

Are any shingles or tiles missing?

Is your chimney in good shape?



Are your carpets clean and in good condition?

Do your carpets need stretching?

Are there any pet or smoking odors?

Do your walls have any cracks or holes?

Do your walls need painting?

What about that wallpaper?

Do your ceilings have any water stains, cracks or peeling?

Do your ceilings need painting?



Are your appliances clean and in good working order?

Are your cabinets in good condition?

Are your countertops in good condition?

Is your tile grout clean?

Is your sink stained, chipped, or in need or re-caulking?



Do your faucets shut off completely?

Do your sinks drain freely?

Are your toilets in good condition?

Are your shower doors shiny?

Do your tubs need caulking?

Is your floor in good condition?

Are your vanities and mirrors in good condition?


Living Room:

Is your fireplace clean?

Is the fireplace screen in good shape?

Are all drapes, shutters and shades clean and working properly?

Are any window screens bent?

Do all the windows open and close easily?

Are the windowsills clean?

Are your doors in good condition?

Do any doors sag or stick?

Do the locks work?

Is the paint in good condition?

Do the doors seal tightly?



Is your basement/attic organized?

Are they well lit?

Are they clean?

Are the stairs in good repair?

Do the doors open and close easily?

Are there any signs of insects or rodents?



Is your garage organized?

Is it well lit?

Is the floor swept?

Are there oil spots or other stains on the concrete?


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